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18 Feb 2018

Hill stir scripted in Delhi, says Binoy Tamang

SNS, DARJEELING, 17 FEBRUARY 2018: Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha leader Binoy Tamang today condemned statements made by Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia in Siliguri yesterday, and he alleged the recent Gorkhaland agitation that the Hills saw was scripted in New Delhi.
"The Darjeeling MP said a conspiracy was being hatched to murder Morcha leader Bimal Guiung, and he further said he would save him and give him security. But we would like to question him this -where was he when the Hills went through a 104- day shutdown and people faced a lot of problems and they were not secure?" Mr Tamang said in a release.
"When people were getting killed here why did he not utter a word? We take this chance to advise him that he is not the MP for Gurung only but for the entire people here. As such, he should provide security not only to Gurung, but all the people here," he added.
The press release added the MP who says he believes in democracy himself is maintaining that he wants to save Gurung `who did an undemocratic agitation in the hills with weapons and bombs."
"The script for the recent undemocratic agitation was written in Delhi. It was under the BJP government's direction that Gurung announced the agitation.That is the reason why the MP who was sitting in Delhi till now is speaking in favour of Gurung after eight months. The BJP wants to create disturbance in the hills and bring Gurung to the hills before the 2019 elections," said Mr Tamang.
He further wondered what happened to the dreams of the Gorkhas being the BJP's dream, or the assurance to look into the demand of the Gorkhhas and Adivasis sympathetically, and also a committee to examine the demand for Gorkhaland that was promised.
"It was under the direction of the BP government that Ahluwalia had said they would hold an official meeting for Gorkhaland if the strike was withdrawn, but no such thing has happened till now," Mr Tamang, who is also the chairman of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration board, said.
"Though the Hills gave two MPs to the BJP what did they do for the people here in the past 10 years? They only betrayed the people here, This has to be answered by the MP before he heads for the hills,' Mr Tamang said.
The press release alleges that Mr Ahluwalia showed his "negative sentiment" towards the hills, when remarked he became the MP not only from the votes of Hills, but also areas like Siliguri, Matigara, Islampur and Chopra in the plains.
"We want to remind him that during elections he had lost from the plains, but it was due to the votes of the hills did he won," said Mr Tamang adding "I challenge him to contest the test in the 2019 elections, which will prove who is right, and show if Gurung or Tamang is the mass leader."
Meanwhile, state tourism minister Gautam Deb also condemned Mr Ahluwalia's statement that said 'some agencies" had been trying to "eliminate" Bimal Gurung. Mr. Deb termed Mr Ahluwalia as a "seasonal bird".

Rifles ring poach alarm

TT, Alipurduar: Seven improvised rifles were seized by forest officials from Jaldapara National Park while chasing a group of suspected poachers on Friday evening.
The foresters, however, could not nab any of the gang members.
"The seizure indicates rise in poaching activities in Jaldapara. We have increased vigil and informed our superiors," said a forester.
Forest sources said around 7pm on Friday, a team led by Dhiraj Kami, range officer of Lankapara Range, were patrolling in Jaldapara. "Kami received information that a gang of poachers have entered the park area with firearms. He rushed to the spot with the team and could spot the group. As they gave them a chase, the suspected poachers fled, leaving seven rifles. It was a gang of 10 to 12 people," said a forest source.
On February 5, a rhino was poached at the park and the horn was sawed away.
Forest officials started a probe and could arrest some people, along with a shooter from Arunachal Pradesh. The horn was also recovered.

Passport centre opens in Siliguri

SS Ahluwalia at the launch of the Passport Seva Kendra in Siliguri on Saturday. Picture by Passang Yolmo
AVIJIT SINHA, TT, Feb 17, 2018, Siliguri: A longstanding demand of residents in and around Siliguri and other parts of north Bengal was fulfilled on Saturday when a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) was opened here on Saturday.

Union minister Darjeeling MP S.S. Ahluwalia inaugurated the facility at Matigara's Himanchal Vihar and said the centre would largely benefit people living in this region. Till now, residents of Siliguri and north Bengal had to visit the PSKs in Calcutta, Behrampore and Gangtok to get their passports done or to renew it.

At the centre, officials said, appointments would be provided to 120 applicants every day. "Appointments from February 19 are available online. As of now, two counters will be opened and in due course, the infrastructure would be increased," said B.B. Kumar, the regional passport officer.

The official also informed that soon, PSKs at the post offices will open up at Malda, Burdwan and Barrackpore. "There is also a proposal to set up a centre at the Darjeeling post office. We are working on it," Kumar said.

The opening of passport centre is the second good news for Siliguri residents in past 24 hours. On Friday, officials of Airport Authority of India (AAI) had announced that they have received approval to commission the Instrumental Landing System (ILS) at Bagdogra airport from March 29.

"It is yet another major development. We will be there at the commissioning of the ILS," said Ahluwalia.

Siliguri mayor Asok Bhattacharya, along with MLAs Sankar Malakar, Sunil Tirkey and Sarita Rai, were present at the passport centre event.

State tourism minister and Trinamul leader Gautam Deb did not attend the event. "I am busy with some family engagements, said Deb.

Ahluwalia 'sheltered' Bimal Gurung: Binay

Vivek Chhetri and Bireswar Banerjee, TT, Feb 17, 2018, Darjeeling/Siliguri: Gorkha Janumkti Morcha chief Binay Tamang on Saturday lashed out at Darjeeling MP S.S. Ahluwalia, accusing him of "sheltering" party rival Bimal Gurung and ignoring hill residents' plight during last year's statehood agitation.

In a written statement, Tamang questioned the BJP parliamentarian's support for Gurung, who is in hiding and faces several cases.

"The MP is now claiming a conspiracy to kill Bimal Gurung and that he will provide security but we want to question him where he was when our people felt insecure during the agitation. Why did he not speak a single word when our people died? He is not a MP of Gurung only but of the entire people," Tamang said.

Ahluwalia, also a Union minister, is visiting his constituency after nearly eight months, a period that saw the hills shut down for 104 days last year.

The MP had declared after his arrival in Siliguri on Friday for an official programme that he would try his best to "save" Gurung from being "eliminated extra-judicially" and refused to recognise Tamang and his followers as "torchbearers" of the Morcha.

"He (Ahluwalia) talks about being a blind follower of democracy but he is now trying to save Bimal Gurung who has been involved in blasts and waging an undemocratic armed agitation. Why is he talking in favour of people charged under the (anti-terror) UAPA Act?" Tamang asked.

Ahluwalia had on Friday said Gurung was the BJP's ally and not Tamang. "The 104-day agitation was announced by Bimal Gurung under the directions of the BJP...the script of the undemocratic agitation was prepared in Delhi."

With general elections due next year, Tamang accused Ahluwalia of trying to use Gurung to get re-elected. Bengal tourism minister Gautam Deb described Ahluwalia as " vote-er pakhi (election bird)".

कवि एवम् गीतकार उज्जवल बम्जनलाई सहयोगको अपिल

डी.के.वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 17 जनवरी।‘सेन्तेरेम’ जस्ता चर्चित गीत लेख्ने गीतकार उज्जव बम्जन किड्नी रोगले ग्रस्त बनेपछि उनको उपाचार्थ सहयोगीहरू अघि आएका छन्। 
कवि, गीतकार सँगै एसयुएमआई विद्यालयका शिक्षक समेत रहेका उज्जवल बम्जनको दुईवटै किड्नीले काम गर्न छोडेपछि उनको किड्नी प्रत्यारोपण गर्न पर्ने भएको छ। 
कृतिम प्रणालीद्वारा उपचार चलिरहेको कवि उज्जव बम्जनको उचारको क्रममा एकाधिक खर्च भएपछि हालमा उनको किड्नी प्रत्यारोपण गर्न अधिक खर्च लाग्ने भएको कारण उनका सहयोगीहरूले सम्पूर्ण जनसाधारणलाई सहयोगको अपिल गरेका छन्। 
कवि सुवास सोताङ, उमेश उपमा, सङ्गीतकार मधुसुधन लामा साथै उनका हितैषीहरूले आज एक पत्रकार सम्मेलन गरेर सहयोगको अपिल गरेका छन्। 
‘कवि एवम् गीतकार उज्जव बम्जन किड्नीको रोगले ग्रस्त बनेपछि उनको किड्नी प्रत्यारोपण मात्रै बिकल्प रहेको छ। यसकारण सम्पूर्ण जनसाधरण अनि सुभचिन्तकवर्गलाई हामी कवि, गीतकार सँगै एकजना राम्रा शिक्षक उज्जवल बम्जनलाई बचाउँनका निम्ति सहयोग गरिदिने अपिल गर्दछौँ’ सुवास सोताङले भने। 
उनले उज्जवल बम्जन एकजना समाजका सम्पति समेत रहेको कारण यस्ता राम्रा सम्पतिहरूको जोगाड गर्न सबै मानिसहरू अघि आउनुपर्ने पनि अपिल गरेका छन्। हालमा उज्जवल बम्जनको सहयोग राशी गोरुबथान, रोङ्गो-गैरीवास अदि स्थानहरूमा सङ्कलन भइरहेको बताउँदै सहयोग गर्न चाहनेहरूले सोझै उनको श्रीमती अनि अन्य सहयोगीहरूको बैंक खातामा जम्मा गर्न सक्ने पनि बताएका छन्। 
यता उमेश उपमाले पनि उज्जवल बम्जनलाई बचाउँन सबैले सहयोग गर्नुपर्ने अपिल गरेका छन्। ‘सेन्तेरेम जस्ता चर्चित गीत लेख्ने गीतकार उज्जवल बम्जनलाई अहिले सहयोगको आवश्यक्ता रहेको छ। आउनुहोस सबै मिलेर कवि एवम् गीतकार बम्जनलाई बचाउँन सहयोग गरौँ’ उमेश उपमाले भने। 
उनले सहयोग गर्न चाहनेहरूका निम्ति उज्जवल उपचार्थ समितिद्वारा खोलिएको बैंक एकाउन्ट पनि सार्बजनिक गरेका छन्। उनलाई सहयोग गर्न चाहनेहरूले निम्न बैंक खाताहरूमा सोझै आर्थिक सहयोग प्रदान गर्न समेत सक्नेछन्। 
सहयोग गर्न चाहनेहरूमा निम्ति निम्न बैंक खाताहरू रहेको छ - १. रबीन गुरुङ/ रंजित गुरुङ (उज्ज्वल उपचार सहयोग कमिटिको पक्षमा), A/c no. 37523317513, स्टेट बैंक, गोरुबथान ब्राञ्च, IFS -SBIN0018781 अनि २) श्रीमती सुष्मा मेरी सादा (उज्जव बम्जनकी श्रीमती), A/c. No. 55910100003003, बैंक अफ् बरोडा, कालेबुङ ब्राञ्च।

आगलागीको कारण एउटा घर जलेर स्वाह

डी.के.वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 17 जनवरी। पेदोङको साक्योङमा एउट घर आगलागीको कारण पूर्णरूपले जलेर नष्ट भएको छ। घट्ना कालेबुङ जिल्लाको पेदोङ स्थित साक्योङ मेञ्चुमा शुक्रबार साँझ भएको हो। महेन्द्र गुरूङको उक्त घर के कारणले जल्यो त्यो अहिलेबाटै स्पष्ट नभए तापनि सर्ट सर्किटको कारण जलेको बताइएको छ। 
प्राप्त जानकारी अनुसार शुक्रबार महेन्द्र गुरूङ साथै उनको परिवार पेदोङमा हाट भर्न आएका थिए। सोही समयमा अचानक घरमा आगलागी भएको थियो। घरमा केहि नभएको समय अचानक आगलागी हुँदा सम्पूर्ण सामाग्री जलेर स्वाह भएको छ। 
पेसाले कृषक महेन्द्र गुरूङको परिवारमा उनी लगायत पत्नी अनि दुईजना नानीहरू रहेका छन्। केहि नभएको समय घरमा अचानक आगलागी भएपछि गाउँलेहरूले देखेका थिए। त्यसपछि गाउँलेहरूले आगोलाई नियन्त्रणमा ल्याउने प्रयास गरेपनि आगोले घरलाई पूर्णरूपले चपेट लिएको कारण सम्पूर्णरूपले जलेर स्वाह भएको छ। 
आगलागीको चपेटमा परेर घर नष्ट भएपछि यता ग्राम पञ्चायतका अधिकारीवर्गले भ्रमण गरेर राहत सामाग्री प्रदान गरेका छन् भने गुरुङ विकास बोर्डले पिडित परिवार पक्षको घर निर्माण गर्ने आश्वासन दिएको छ।

17 Feb 2018

NBSTC bus catches fire, all 18 passengers safe

SNS, Kalimpong 16 February 2018: A bus belonging to North Bengal Transport Corporation (NBSTC) caught fire at sixth Mile near Gandhi Ashram School in Kalimpong today. However, all the 18 passengers travelling in the bus (WB 63 9332) and the bus staff were unhurt in the fire that is being blamed on a short circuit.
"I was driving and stopped the car at 3rd Mile for some passengers who wanted to answer nature's call. We then continued the journey, and the vehicle had no problem. However, I later saw fire just  just behind my seat as I looked at the rear view mirror when we reached Sith Mile.I immediately stopped the bus and asked the passengers to get down without panicking," said Hemant Pradhan, the driver of the bus that was headed for Kalimpong from Siliguri. Mr Pradhan said he tried to douse the flames with the help of the fire extinguisher he had in the bus, but to no avail. He later called the fire brigade and also informed the police, but by the time fire brigade arrived, the bus was 50 percent burnt.
"It was a mechanical glitch and no one is to be blamed for this. None of the passengers were injured, while one of them however, lost
goods worth Rs 2 lakh," said Sanchin Khati, the NBSTC bus depot in-charge in Kalimpong.

K'pong works to ease traffic congestion

NISHA CHETTRI, SNS, KALIMPONG, 16 FEBRUARY: As traffic problems in the town mount by the day, the district administration and the Motor Vehicle Department have issued strict orders, regulating parking of vehicles at the motor stand here.
From now on, it is mandatory for the drivers to park their vehicles at alternative places and go for a rotation basis, by coordinating with the other drivers, for parking at the motor stand. The motor stand has a capacity of around 80 vehicles, small or big, which also includes buses.
" If only around 40-50 vehicles are parked there, can have an easier vehicle movement around the town, while the rest of the cars can be shifted to places like Alkananda Guest House, near the Kalimpong College, Seed-farm (Relli Road) Regulated Market, near CST school, and Shahid Park, 11th Mile," Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Biswajeet Das said today.
Santosh Sharma, the President of the Hill Motor Driver Workers Union, the frontal organization of the Hill Trinamul Congress said the administration has sent them a letter, asking them to remove their cars from the Motor Stand. Around 50-60 cars belonging to the union are parked at the stand every day.
"We got the letter four days ago from the RTO Kalimpong, stating that we are allowed to keep only 10 cars at the Motor Stand. We have been keeping 50-60 cars there. The letter also mentions that only 10 taxi-number cars are allowed there," Mr Sharma said.
"However, the thing is, where do we park the other cars now? They have not given us an alternative," he lamented. 
He also threatened to hit the streets in protest if the administration fails to arrange proper parking spaces as soon as possible. The parking lot being built below Novelty Cinema hall is also incomplete till now, the organization complained.
Mr Sharma said the motor stand was not the causing the traffic snarls in the town. "It is the main roads that stretch from 10th Mile to Novelty Cinema. The department should remove cars from the other places rather than the motor stand" he contested.
The ARTO, however explained that the idea behind clearing the motor star of half the vehicles was to keep the-middle-way" (road) less congested for any emergency. -A fire brigade or an ambulance, if it happens to go that way, will not be stuck,-" Mr Das reasoned.
Private vehicles are also parked in parallel lines beyond Novelty Cinema hall, especially lorries, while the administration has allowed only two trucks there. Other vehicles that ply the Teesta route are also parked there. The ARTO however, said only 2-3 cars for the Teesta route will be parked there from now on.
"Drivers here carry passengers in private vehicles, while as per government rules, only vehicles with taxi numbers can carry passengers. We have been asking people to register their vehicles for taxi number months now, and we have crossed the December 2017 deadline for this. However by 31 March, all vehicles should be made commercial," Mr Das said.

Hill agitation cases may go back to respective courts

SNS, DARJEELING. 16 JANUARY 2018: Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM) leader and chairman of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) board BinoyTamang today said that state labour Minister Malay Ghatak, who is also the Law minister,has assured them that he would look into cases related to GJMM leaders and supporters who were arrested during last year's Gorkhaland agitation and who are now languishing in correctional homes in Siliguri and Jalpaiguri.
According to him, the minister has assured him that the court cases going on against the accused persons would be shifted to the respective courts where they came from earlier. It may be mentioned here that all the cases related to the agitation, in the Hills and the plains, are being heard in the Siliguri court presently.
Mr Tamang said that the minister also assured that he would "seriously look into the demands being made for the implementation of the Minimum Wages Act and payment of last year's puja bonus in the tea gardens in the Hills.
Mr Tamang, along with Darjeeling MLA Amar Singh Rai and Kurseong MLA Rohit Sharma, today met minister Ghatak in Kolkata and discussed a whole gamut of problems in the tea and cinchona plantations.
"We sought immediate implementation of the Minimum Wages Act in the tea gardens, along with the second installment of the puja bonus that is yet to be paid to tea workers, and the issue of parchha patta (land documents) for the tea workers. Tea gardens are the main stay of the people in the Hills, and it is necessary to keep them problem-free," Mr Tamang said in the press release.
According to the release, a high-level meeting would be held on 22 February at Uttarkanya in Siliguri regardng the tea garden issues, where Mr Tamang has also been invited.
'For the second installment of the puja bonus, a meeting will be held soon with owners of teagardens, and the minister told us today that the payment would be released soon after that. It was also decided today that one of the family members of a tea garden worker who does not work in the garden now, will be made a construction worker. Also, there are some facilities which were not implemented in the gardens, and a decision was taken today to implement them all for the tea garden workers,' Mr Tamang said.
Several problems plaguing the cinchona plantation, like promotion of staff and increment in salary, were also discussed with the minister today Mr Ghatak assured MrTamang that he would do the needful on this very soon, according to the press release.
"As the minister is also looking after the judicial and Law Department, we also took out the issue of those arrested in the recent agitation.While many of the arrested are walked free now, there still remain about 15O persons in correctional homes in Siliguri and Jalpaiguri.
Due to different technical problems, they are yet to get bail, while the legal processes have also not been taken forward properly. We requested the minister to look into this also, and the minister has given us assurances that he would do whatever he can to help in this matter," Mr Tamang said.

Two held with elephant tusk

Two held with elephant tuskSNS| Siliguri | February 16, 2018: In a major seizure of wildlife articles, the Siliguri Regional Unit of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) recovered elephant tusks as they were being smuggled to Nepal on Thursday.

The tusks are worth more than Rs 1 crore in the international market, officials said. Based on a tip-off, DRI sleuths apprehended Saiful Islam of Lakhimpur district of Assam and Santosh Pradhan of Siliguri from a bus that just arrived here from Assam.

“They had come from Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh in a bus. One Babuhai of Lakhimpur handed over to them a tusk weighing 12.410 kg. The tusk was suspected to be smuggled to Nepal. The DRI apprehended them at Mallaguri in Siliguri on Thursday.

The original tusk was more than three feet long and was cut into three pieces to be carried in a bag. The seizure is very significant,” said the additional standing counsel, government of India, Ratan Banik. The value of the tusk has been estimated as Rs 1,11,69,000.

Mr Banik said the seizure showed how much smuggling of wildlife articles is going on by using Siliguri as the corridor. A full-grown elephant is suspected to have been poached in Assam for the tusk. “The DRI successfully busted a racket, and search is underway to trace other persons associated with the illegal trade,” he added.

The arrested have been booked under Section 104 of the Customs Act, 1962, and Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Forest officials arrested six poachers, including a sharp shooter, from Arunachal Pradesh–Marto Riba–a resident of West Siang district on 7 February after they killed a rhino in the Jaldapara National Park. The duo was produced in the Siliguri Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Friday.

On back foot, BJP stands by Gurung

Pinak Priya Bhattacharya | TNN | Feb 16, 2018, Siliguri: Union minister and Darjeeling BJP MP S S Ahluwalia threw his weight behind fugitive Gorkha Janmukti Morcha chief Bimal Gurung in a desperate bid to renew support of Gurung loyalists in the Hills before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
“I stand by Bimal Gurung and will oppose extra-judicial efforts to eliminate him,” the Union minister said on Friday in the foothills at Matigara. Ahluwalia will inaugurate a Passport Seva Kendra on Saturday.
Ahluwalia’s comment drew flak from Gorkhaland Territorial Administration chairman Binay Tamang, who demanded his resignation from the MP’s post. “Ahluwalia is coming to his constituency after eight months. He should first tender his resignation and seek apology from the Hills people, failing which he might face protests,” Tamang said.
Ahluwalia held that Gurung-led GJM is still a BJP ally and promised to provide all help to save him. The Tamang-led GJM called it the Union minister’s ploy to gain back a foothold in the Hills. Tamang supporters pointed out that the Darjeeling MP had gone missing when the Hills people passed through their worst of times during the 104-day agitation in the Hills.
Even other leaders such as Harka Bahadur Chhetri had openly questioned Ahluwalia’s absence and said during the agitation that BJP has to pay a price for leaving the Hills people in the cold.

कुदिरहेको बसमा आगो लाग्दा भाग्यले बाँचे यात्रीहरू

डी.के.वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 16 जनवरी।कुदीरहेको बसमा अचानक आगो लाग्दा यात्रीहरू भाग्यले बाँचेका छन्। उक्त घट्ना कालेबुङको ६ माइल गान्धी आश्रमनजिक भएको हो। प्राप्त जानकारी अनुसार उत्तर बङ्गाल राष्ट्रिय परिवहन निगम (एनबीएसटीसी) को एउटा बस आज सिलगडीबाट कालेबुङ आइरहेको समयमा आचानक आगो लागेको थियो। 
डब्ल्यूबी ६३ - ९३३२ नम्बर भएको उक्त बस यहाँको ६ माइल गान्धी आश्रमनजिक आइपुग्दा अचानक कुदीरहेकै अवस्थामा नै आगो लागेको थियो। बिहान लगभग ११ बजीतिर भएको उक्त घटना अवधि वाहनमा चालक हेमन प्रधान, कण्डक्टर साथै 18 जना यात्रीहरू सवार रहेका थिए। घटनाबारे चालकले बताएअनुसार 6 माइल गान्धी आश्रमनजिक आइपुग्दा उनले लुकिङ ग्लासबाट हेर्दा गाडीबाट आगो निस्किएको देखेपछि बस रोकेर यात्रीहरूलाई उतारेपछि आफैले आगो निभाउने प्रयास गरेका थिए। यद्यपि आगो ननिभेपछि उनले अग्निसमन विभाग अनि पुलिसलाई फोन गरेर घटनाबारे जानकारी दिए। 
अग्निसमन विभागले घटनास्थलमा पुगेर आगोलाई नियन्त्रणमा ल्याउँदासम्ममा बस जलेर धेरै मात्रमा जलेर ध्वस्त भएको थियो। ‘तीन माइलमा आएर केहि क्षण रोकेर यात्रीहरूलाई बाहिर बस्ने मौका दिएपछि हामी उकालो लागेका थियौं। राम्रैसित बस कुदिरहेको थियो तर गान्धी आश्रम छेउमा आइपुग्दा अचानक गाडीबाट आगो निस्किएको देखेर मैले गाडी रोकेर यात्रीहरूलाई उतारे। 
पहिले गाडीमा भएको आगो निभाउने सामाग्री प्रयोग गरेर आगो निभाउने प्रयास गरेपनि आगो ननिभेपछि फायर ब्रिग्रेड अनि पुलिसलाई फोन गरेर घटनाबारे जानकारी दिएँ। तर उनीहरू आइपुग्दा गाडी आधा जलिसकेको थियो’  चालक हेमन्त प्रधानले घटनाबारे बताए। कुदीरहेको गाडीमा अचानक आगो लगेपछि मानिसहरू त्रसित बनेका थिए। यद्यपी चालकले वाहनमा आगो लागेको देखेपछि समयमा नै सुझबुझको साथमा यात्रीहरूलाई वाहनबाट ओह्राल्ने कार्य गरेको कारण यात्रीहरूलाई कुनै चोटपटक भने लाग्न पाएन।
घटनालाई लिएर एनबीएसटीसीको कालेबुङ डिपोका प्रभारी सचिन खातीसित जान्न चाहँदा तक्निकी खराबीकै कारण आगलागी भएको बताएका छन्। घटनाअवधि यात्रीहरूलाई कुनै चोट नलागे तापनि एकजना यात्रीको भने लगभग 2 लाख रूपियाँको सामाग्रीहरू जलेर खरानी भएको उनले थप जनाए। यद्यपि घटनालाई लिएर मानिसहरूलाई त्रसित नबनिदिने आह्वान पनि उनले गरेका छन् भने यस्ता खराबीहरूबाट आगामी दिनहरूमा कुनै दुर्घटना नहोस् भन्ने कुरालाई मध्यनजर राख्दै विभागीय इञ्जीनियरहरूले कार्य गरिरहेको जानकारी पनि उनले दिएका छन्।

सप्ताहव्यापी तामाङ भाषा प्रशिक्षण शिविर समापन

डी.के.वाइबा, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 16 जनवरी।   सप्ताहव्यापी तामाङ भाषा प्रशिक्षण शिविर समापन भएको छ। पश्चिम बङ्गाल तामाङ विकास एवं सांस्कृतिक बोर्डद्वारा आयोजित सप्ताहव्यापी तामाङ भाषा प्रशिक्षण शिविरको आज समापन भएको हो। कालेबुङ, दार्जीलिङ, जलपाइगडी अनि अलिपूरद्वार जिल्लाबाट 15-15 जना तामाङहरूलाई लिएर मोठ 60 जनालाई प्रशिक्षण दिइएको यस शिविरमा नेपालका तामाङ भाषाविशेषज्ञ अमृत योञ्जन मुख्य प्रशिक्षकको रूपमा उपस्थित रहेका थिए। 
बोर्ड अध्यक्ष सञ्जय मोक्तानले बताएअनुसार तामाङ भाषा सिक्न चाहनेहरूको संख्या धेरै मात्रामा रहेको भए तापनि भाषा शिक्षण गराउने व्यक्तिहरूको भने कमी रहेको कारण नै बोर्डले नेपालबाट भाषा विशेषज्ञ अमृत योञ्जनलाई निम्ताएर प्रशिक्षण दिएको हो। 
प्रशिक्षण लिएका तामाङहरूले आ-आफ्नो क्षेत्रमा गएर अन्य तामाङहरूलाई भाषा प्रशिक्षण दिने योजना रहेको अनि बोर्डको पक्षबाट रात्री पाठशाला खोलेर यस कुरामा थप सहयोग पुऱ्याउने उनले बताएका छन्। तामाङ भाषालाई आगामी दिनहरूमा पाठ्यक्रममा सामेल गराउन राज्यसरकारसित अनुरोध गर्ने जानकारी पनि उनले दिएका छन्। 
अर्कोतिर प्रशिक्षण शिविरबारे बोल्दै प्रशिक्षक अमृत योञ्जनले छोटो समयमा भाषा सिकाउन सकिने प्रविधि रहेको अनि सोही प्रविधि अनुरूप प्रशिक्षण दिइएको बताए। भाषा अध्ययन गर्ने अधिकार सबैको रहेको बताउँदै उनले यस शिविरबाट प्रशिक्षणार्थीहरूले धेरै नै कुरा सिक्न सकेको दाबी पनि गरेका छन्।

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